Saturday, May 14, 2011


So my house has more appliances then Home Goods. Ok that's totally a lie, but there are a lot. Or maybe I just need more space.... Anyway. If i'm going to do this blog thing about all of the food I'm cooking and eating, and posting recipes, I should probably give a heads up about all of the appliances I use.

Lets start with ...
The Microwave. A huge giant tremendous NO NO! I could write a whole blog on the terribleness of the microwave. Maybe I will... but for now, just no microwave. There is no love in microwaved food.

My top 3 absolute favorite, couldn't live without...
The Dehydrator. There are tons of types and sizes (insert dirty joke here) and different ones work for different people. Dehydrators are good for jerky and fruit leather traditionally. I don't use mine for either. I make breads, chips, and cookies with it mostly. I love my dehydrator.

The Food Processor. Hand mixing? I said from the beginning i'm truly a fat kid and there's just no way. Food processors are awesome for everything. You can process a lot to make super liquidy, or a little to make stuff chunky. Batter for cookies and breads, or pates, soups. I don't think there is nuch a food processor can't do. Food Processors are wonderful.

The Nut Grinder. That's right, I said it. "The Nut Grinder"! Dun dun dun!! I don't use your typical carbo processed flour. Mostly I use nuts as flour, so I need a nut grinder to turn almonds and sunflower seeds into almond flour and sunflower flour. Yay! Plus it's way cheaper to do it yourself.

And the rest of the gang...
The Nut Milk Maker. I'm kinda lazy, as all fat kids tend to be. I could buy a strainer and cheesecloth and bags... or I could just put my nuts in a nut milk maker and bam! It's all done. Yeah, that's how I roll.

The Juicer. Vegetable juices are absolutely an acquired taste. When I started juicing I hated it but now I can appreciate and love it. It can get pricey to juice cause you need a lot of veggies but juicing is super healthy. Also, you can use the leftover fibers of the juiced veggies in tons of recipes so it doesn't suck so bad being expensive and all.

The Blender. I need a new one. The blender is good for small stuff. Kinda like the kid brother of the food processor.

The Veggie Peeler. Yes, I know I have stated how lazy I am, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Although a lot of the skin on veggies is good for you, it can also be loaded with pesticides and crap, more so then the yummy innerds of the veggies. Sometimes I take the skin off and use a hand held veggie peeler. It takes two seconds to do, and one second to clean. Might as well burn a calorie somewhere.

The Oven. Everyone has one. Learn to love it. They also come in small medium and large so whichever works for you is Ok with me. I won't judge you to your face.

So thats it. Your basic tools for cooking with Moe! I'm sure there may be a few I forgot about. Meh. We are big boys and girls. Work it out.

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