Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bread. How I love you and everything horrible about you as well.

Some things that I cut out of my diet are never, ever coming back... but there are a few that I miss a lot. One of them is bread. Bread in all varieties. Some of my favorites were chewy pizza crusts, or flaky biscuits in the morning with eggs and cheese. Just a yummy burger on a bun. Tacos stuffed with meat and grilled veggies. Focaccia with some lettuce and tomato. Bagel with veggie cream cheese. Hell yes! Bread was a wonderful thing!! Bread with every meal. Bread for everyone, all of the time!! Bread is one of those food that makes everything better. And then it was gone. All of it. Gone. FML. I can assure you that these were traumatizing times in my life. The fat kid AND the jew in me were like "bitch, this is not OK".
After years of looking at recipes I finally found ones that really filled in for some of my carby, yeasty, useless, loves for bread. Pizza crusts and tacos have come back into my face. Hell yes!

The first recipe is for a Zucchini wrap. Using only 3 ingredients this wrap is awesome for food combining because it is a neutral food so not only can you fill it with anything but you don't have to wait to go from starches to proteins. Additionally, it is so versatile. Sometimes I want to have tacos so I use this wrap and I make it with cayenne and onion and paprika . Other times I want something more light so I put rosemary and thyme in it and fill it with just some greens and tomato and drizzle with oilve oil. Hooray creativity!!! I dehydrate the wraps just enough, so that they are dry but still wrapable. If you dehydrate them a little longer they make great thin crispy pizza crusts. Keep them thicker if you like thick crusts.

Zucchini Wraps
1 large zucchini
1 cup water
3/4 cup flax meal
*optional Any spices of your choice

Food Processor
Lined dehydrator Tray

Cut zucchini into manageable chunks for your food processor
Add all in processor, and process until smooth
Place in dehydrator at desired thickness
Put in deyhdrator on 110 for about 6 hours, and flip
Take out when preferred dryness is reached

I never understood why the onion bread at the table was just bread with 4 pieces of onions in it. This is real freeking onion bread. It sticks to your gums, is nice and chewy, and is super heavy. It is a meal on it's own. But it's mostly veggie so it's OK. I promise. Again, i usually just slice up some tomato on it and thats good enough for me. Be creative! Don't let the long list of necessary appliances fool you. It's not that bad! Suck it up and make some yummy bread!

Onion Bread
3 large yellow onions
1 cup flax meal
1 cup ground sunflower meal
1 tbsp coconut oil

Large pan
large bowl
nut grinder
food processor

Chop up the onions with a food processor so they are a nice shape.
Heat oil in the large pan, and begin to brown the onions
While they are browning (which will take a while) use a nut grinder to make 1 cup worth of sunflower meal
Add the sunflower meal to large bowl, and then add the flax meal to the bowl and mix the two flours up
Get back to the onions, making sure they are evenly browned.
Once the onions are browned add them to the bowl with the flax and sunflower meals. Combine well. (I like to get messy and use my hands but thats cause i'm a slob. Use the spatula if you aren't as adventurous. Also if you are going to use your hands.. wait a few minutes. Those onions are insanely hot)
Place better on the dehydrator sheets at a desired thickness at about 110. Leave for 8 hours and flip. Let dehydrate another 5 or 6 hours until desired consistency is reached

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