Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rewind... This is why you should give a shit...

I got sick about 5 years ago. I went to a few doctors, told them my symptoms, and they put me on all different types of meds. Nothing worked. One guy, a "specialist" in fancy Manhattan told me I was fine, just "unlucky". Really? Fuck you doc! Unlucky!!?? Then my dog got sick and what to you know! The same antibiotics I was on, so was he! I had enough. I turned to the internets and tried to educate myself as best I could.

I decided I had candida. Everyone has candida in their bodies. See, our bodies are filled with good bacteria, and bad bacteria. Candida is the bad bacteria, and when the good guys can't keep the bad guys at bay anymore, we get sick. Candida shows its self in a number of ways. Some are worse then others and it's really almost anything. From severe things like serious digestion issues, to small things like bad breath, candida may be a culprit.

There are ways to treat candida yourself. You need to bring your body back to a balance. This can help get rid of any ailment actually. So I started doing the Body Ecology Diet, doing colonics, and using Young Living Essential Oils to better myself. Now I still think i'm in recovery mode. I'm not there yet, but i'm much better then I was.

Most importantly i'm educated now. I know what goes into the food I eat, and the medicines I take and I would never go back to the standard american diet, or using western medicine.

The goal of this blog is to show anyone fun, healthy recipes that don't involve the crap ingredients that are making us sick every day. The goal is also to educate so I'll be posting articles about food and the industry as well.

So, why should you give a shit? Did you know that a bottle of essential oil only has to have 5% actual essential oil in it for it to be OK to label it 100% essential oil? That means it can be 95% filler, 5% oil and still say essential oil. WTF? What the hell is the filler?? Did you also know what a whole bunch of the pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables to keep bugs off of them are derivatives of agent orange? These guys go in the fields, spraying this shit wearing hazmat suits... and then we eat it like its nothing. This doesn't piss anyone else off??

We can all heal ourselves, and feel better physically and mentally. It takes work, and discipline, but it's totally doable. So give a shit, do it yourself and give a big "eat a fat one" to the people who are trying to keep you sick. But do it with a smile, and some food that tastes better then theirs anyway! Empowering stuff, i'm telling you.

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